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Customer Data: Conquering the
360-View of Your Customers


The lifeline to business success is customer loyalty and retention in order to produce higher revenue. Best-in-class organizations must have a complete 360-view of their customer data in order to respond accurately and intelligently to their customer demands, trends, and expectations.

This webinar dives into the challenges and benefits of mastering your customer data including:

  • How to get in front of data and what to do with your existing customer data
  • Why executive buy-in can shift the value of clean data company-wide
  • Key competitive advantages quality customer data gives sales and marketing teams

Speaker BioS

Tom Redman
"The Data Doc”

Tom Redman, the “Data Doc,” helps companies, including many of the Fortune 100, improve data quality.  Those that follow his innovative approaches enjoy the many benefits of far-better data, including far lower cost.  His recent article, “Data’s Credibility Problem,” (Harvard Business Review, December 2013) showcases what’s possible. 

Tom’s Data Driven, (Harvard Business Press, 2008) is the guiding light for companies seeking to build their futures in data.  Tom started his career at Bell Labs, where he led the Data Quality Lab. He has a Ph.D. is in Statistics and two patents.

Rob Bruce
Director of Presales Solution Consulting
Stibo Systems

Rob Bruce is the Director of Presales Solution Consulting at Stibo Systems. For over a decade, Rob has been responsible for directing Stibo Systems success in the presales arena, leading the technical sales team in proofs of concepts and demonstrations.

Rob started his Stibo Systems career as a Super User on the system. Before joining the presales team, Rob was a solution trainer and a business analyst.

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