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Revisiting Gartner’s Seven Building Blocks of MDM: A Framework for Success


Whether your organisation is just starting with Master Data Management (MDM) or it’s trying to move on from previous suboptimal experiences, there is a need to understand the fundamental building blocks for MDM success.

This webinar, given by the original author of Gartner’s Seven Building Blocks of MDM, revisits that very successful model and takes it further.

If you are an MDM program manager, this webinar will help you optimise your approach to MDM, resulting in a higher chance of success (and a lower risk of failure).


John Radcliffe
Radcliffe Advisory Services

John Radcliffe has over 35 years of IT industry experience, including 18 years as an analyst at Gartner, where he authored major sections of the company’s key research on Master Data Management. He now runs his own advisory company, specialising in MDM and data governance and advising end user organisations on successful MDM adoption and implementations.