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What will Master Data Management look like
in 2020? How will this affect you?


Change is the only constant. And as Gordon Moore said in 1965 “Change will never be this slow again”.

So, where is Master Data Management (MDM) going in the future?

  • How will it change over the next few years?
  • How should it respond to the new business needs and the new business models?
  • How will it leverage new technologies and new technological paradigms?
  • What will stay the same and what will need to change?
  • How can we plan for this brave new world?

This webinar explores how MDM will change over the next few years and will help you with your strategic planning.


John Radcliffe
Radcliffe Advisory Services Ltd

John Radcliffe has over 35 years of IT industry experience, including 18 years as an analyst at Gartner, where he authored major sections of the company’s key research on Master Data Management. He now runs his own advisory company, specialising in MDM and data governance and advising end user organisations on successful MDM adoption and implementations.